Day 1

In preparation for Easter, join us over the next few days in short devotionals, meditating on the finished work of Jesus.

On the cross, before Jesus commits himself to the Father and gives up his spirit, he speaks these world-changing words: ‘It is finished’. The Greek tetelestai was said by workers after a long day of labour, written on receipts paid in full, and declared in Hebrew by priests after the sacrifice. In the mouth of Jesus, it means much more.

As Jesus declares ‘It is finished’, he completes his earthly ministry and suffering, strikes at evil and death once for all, atones completely for the sin and makes perfect the righteousness of those who turn to him, permanently removes the wrath of God for believers, pays the price for the New Covenant between God and His children, opens the door to everlasting life, and establishes the eternal victory and reign of the Kingdom.

Where the phrase was once a statement of mere completion, with Jesus’ final breaths he transforms the word into a cry of triumph. Beyond this point of perfect achievement, even the Son of God can go no further for there is nothing more to be done. It is finished!

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‘It was finished upon that cross’

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‘It was finished upon that cross’


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