Frequently Asked Questions




We’ve been receiving a large  number of questions about licensing and publishing due to a number of churches switching to livestreams for their Sunday services. Thank you for your patience as we have been responding individually to each question. We hope the below can answer any questions you have, but please do not hesitate to get in touch with our team



CCLI offer a number of licenses to suit your Church or school’s need. For more information and to apply for a license, visit CCLI’s website:

Sheet music and lyrics
Our sheet music and lyrics are available for free download on our website.

Simply visit the page of each album, and scroll down to the bottom where you will see a link to download all the related resources.

Live streaming a band or musician singing CityAlight music
The CCLI streaming license is all that is required for you to sing CityAlight music as a musician or band.
Creating an arrangement, cover or translation

If you are creating your own arrangement or translation of the song, please contact and they will liaise with you further. This does not include where you would like to transpose, repeat choruses or bridges or change what instruments are used.

In your email to

If an arrangement, please include any relevant music and notation.

If a translation, please include the original English lyrics, translated lyrics and lyrics re-translated into English so that we can ensure that the original meaning of the lyrics is retained.

Live streaming our YouTube videos or Master Recordings

CityAlight have granted permission for you to use our YouTube videos in your Church livestreams if you have a CCLI Streaming Plus License (please see for more info). The Streaming Plus license gives permission for the Master Recording (audio) to be used and CityAlight have given permission for the video content to be used. 

Could you please:

a) Report the song using the CCLI streaming plus license; 

b) not monetise your livestream or pre-recording.

Our YouTube videos are available HERE for free download. 

Use of our Master Recordings (audio) is permitted in your Sunday livestreams if you have a CCLI Streaming Plus license (please see for more info). Our recordings can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, Google Play and other streaming platforms.