Dear World,

We write to you from the midst of the COVID-19 outbreak. We are at a loss in so many ways, unsure of what to do, unsure of what to say, and unsure of what the future holds.

But there is a prayer, however, which can be prayed when our own voices fail us. It is a prayer that our Lord Jesus prayed as his own world seemed to be falling apart – an innocent man praying alone in the garden, abandoned by his friends, betrayed by those he trusted, and awaiting his death.

Even at his lowest point, Jesus was able to pray, ‘Father not my will, but yours be done’, because he knew that, in the chaos, his Father loved him and that his Father’s will was always good. If there was any plan that Jesus trusted in that dreadful hour, it was his Father’s.

We offer this simple song, simply played, in the midst of this present trial, so that you might be able to pray these words along with our Saviour. There is a God who is still ruling on the throne, and He is our good and loving Father. If there is anything in which you can put your trust at this uncertain time, let it be the will of your loving Father.

Church, in the chaos – in bedrooms, living rooms, hospital rooms, and virtual rooms – let us lift our voices in prayer and sing, ‘Father, not my will but Yours be done!’

Yours in love and solidarity,


Verse 1
Your will be done, my God and father
As in Heaven, so on earth
My heart is drawn to self exalting
Help me seek Your kingdom first

As Jesus walked, so I shall walk
Held by Your same unchanging love
Be still my soul
Oh, lift your voice and pray
Father not my will but Yours be done

Verse 2
How in that garden he persisted
I may never fully know
The fearful weight of true obedience
It was held by him alone

What wondrous faith, to bear that cross
To bear my sin, what wondrous love
My hope was sure
When there my Saviour prayed
Father not my will but Yours be done

Verse 3
When I am lost, when I am broken
In the night of fear and doubt
Still I will trust in my good Father
Yes, to one great King I bow!

As Jesus rose, so I shall rise
In ransomed glory at the throne
My heart restored
With all your saints I sing
Father, not my will but Yours be done

Verse 4
As we go forth, our God and Father
Lead us daily in the fight
That all the world might see Your glory
And Your Name be lifted high

And in this Name we overcome
For You shall see us safely home
Now as your church
We lift our voice and pray
Father, not my will but Yours be done




Rich Thompson, Jonny Robinson

CCLI: 71495667149566

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